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Fundraising for Friends of the Gambia Association

                             ***Hot off the Press***

                                Celebrity Food for Thought Cookbook – compiled by Mary Annegarn

                                Fundraising for Friends of the Gambia Association

After taking a holiday in The Gambia in 2005, I started writing to celebrities and politicians asking them to help by providing a recipe for a

cookery book to be sold to raise money to help alleviate poverty in Africa. Finally, I have managed to go to press with the cookbook containing 65

recipes from simple snacks and soups to exotic main courses, desserts and baking.

                 Find out what Charles Kennedy enjoys for breakfast, the traditional regional dishes of Sir Alex Ferguson and Tommy Walsh, Sir Cliff Richard’s

vegetarian meal for one, Julie Walter’s favourite sandwich and Gordon Ramsay’s favourite dessert. Learn what Dame Judi Dench does with the Italian

Pannetone cakes she is given for Christmas, why Carol Smillie boils condensed milk in the can and what William Hague does with stinging nettles.  This

is just a small sample of what you will find inside this unique book.

All profits from the sale of the book will go to Friends of The Gambia Association (FoTGA ).  Friends of The Gambia Association was

formed in 1990 and was registered as a charity in the UK in 1995 and obtained NGO (Non Government Organisation) status in The Gambia in 2000.

FoTGA is a humanitarian organisation whose main focus is on promoting education, alleviating poverty and supporting healthcare services.

                 Currently FoTGA are raising funds for their biggest ever project, a new Health Centre to be built in Bakindik, to serve a large number of  

villages on the North bank of the river Gambia. The plans have been drawn up and FoTGA has the backing of the local health authority, the village chief

- the Alkalo, and the village elders who have offered physical assistance to help with the building work.  

Funds are now needed to take the project on to the next stage.

To find out more about this project and the work of FoTGA visit their website:

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