Remember us in your Will

Did you know that figures show that 54% of UK adults have not made a will?

If you are thinking of doing so, please consider leaving a bequest to Charity Number 1171620 Friends of the Gambia Association CIO. 

It could make a huge difference to our work, especially in these days of falling sponsor numbers.

Most solicitors offer a Will writing service, and that's the best route, especially if your estate will have any complications, e.g. you own a business, a farm, property overseas, if you want to set up a Trust, or where you have wishes that could be considered contentious.

  But we can connect you with a way to create a simple Will online at no cost. 

Just a word of caution, the service is free because they hope to then get you to use one of their paid services. To avoid them pestering, once your will is complete, either unsubscribe from their emails or filter them to your spam folder! 

It's all done online, go to

Their process is very simple and covers everything needed for most people. Type in the answers to the questions asked. This will take you through the process, choosing guardians for your children if applicable, who you would like to inherit your possessions and any special requests you may have for your funeral arrangements.

Step by step help is provided.

Review your Will and print it out. Your comprehensive personalised eight page Will contains all you have entered.

Sign It -sounds simple, but it has to be done correctly for the Will to be fully legal. Follow the free "Signing Instructions Guide" and you will be fine. You need to have two witnesses to your signature, they too need to sign.

You can have a bound copy for £20. And of course, we hope you'll remember us!