Gift Aid

We are able to claim Gift Aid on any donations made by a UK Tax-payer. This significantly increase the monies available to do our work

Help us alleviate poverty and suffering in The Gambia by Gift Aiding your donation to FoTGA.

For every 1 that we receive from sponsorship, membership subscriptions or other donations, the UK Government will give us 25p, without any cost to you. 

This money will enable more children to receive an education and provide assistance to schools, clinics and outlying villages. 

This is a new declaration, which covers all money donated from 1st January 2019 and in the future. Any previous declaration that you have signed will no longer be valid. Just enter the amount of the last donation you made, your name and address, sign and date the form. If you are not a UK tax payer, please help us by ticking the box and returning the form.

If you have any questions, please contact one of the Trustees, by email  or telephone the helpline 08454 968078.

Please complete the Gift Aid form and return to us. FoTGA CIO Gift Aid Declaration