School Twinning

The school twinning programme between UK and Gambian schools is in its infancy and is headed up by Alhaji Camara, who lives in Wolverhampton and is a Trustee of the Friends of the Gambia Association CIO.

FoTGA's twinning initiative aims to create school-based twinning projects to develop and extend learning opportunities by building partnerships between UK schools and the communities in which they operate, with ones in The Gambia. FoTGA's long term vision is to create working relationships so that both sides of any link are enabled to support, cooperate and share best practice.This will benefit a generation of young people by enriching educational and cultural understanding for both schools.

The twinning will provide a platform for both schools to:

  • Have a form of communication at global level;
  • Create a better understanding between cultures, and thus change perceptions and prevent stereotyping;
  • Exchange ideas about culture, religion, art and technology;
  • Provide a model for other countries and schools.

If you, or you know of anyone who may be interested in this worthwhile exercise which would benefit so many children, please let us know.